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Everyone one wants to “go international”, but they don’t want it to hurt. Avoid export pain by learning from mentor Sara Washbush’s experience as the Research and Project Manager of Craft Ontario’s Craft Export Readiness Project.

What you will learn: Troubleshooting, decision making, and action steps for exporting art and craft. This course is designed for individual artists and craftspeople. Learn entry options, how to get things back into Canada after they have left, how to work with brokers, how to define and map out your own export situation, and potential export strategies for growing your career. Real case study stories make this information relevant and engaging.

Duration: 2.5 hours not including worksheets
Cost: $20 Craft Ontario members, $45 non-members

Complementary worksheets:

Visas Supplement

Defining An Export Situation Worksheet

Mapping Worksheet

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Sara Washbush

Sara received her BFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and MFA from NSCAD University. She was the Research and Project Manager for Craft Ontario’s Craft Export Readiness Project, in which she conducted research on export issues, experiences and methods for artists and craftspeople. Her background is in metalsmithing, and she is interested in cross-disciplinary design and evolving education experiences.



Exporting - Course Modules

Module 1 Introduction to Exporting
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Understanding the System
Module 2 Troubleshooting
Unit 1 Wants vs. Needs
Unit 2 HS Code
Unit 3 Investigating Materials
Unit 4 Labelling Objects
Module 3 Deciding
Unit 1 Price vs. Value
Unit 2 Brokers
Unit 3 Transport
Unit 4 Entry Options
Module 4 Taking Action
Unit 1 ATA Carnet
Unit 2 Informal Entry
Unit 3 Getting Work Back
Unit 4 Samples
Unit 5 Temporary Import Under Bond
Unit 6 Receiving a Shipment
Unit 7 Shipping + Documents
Module 5 Bonus: Strategy
Unit 1 Planning
Unit 2 Current Export Strategies
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